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Nifty Atlassian cloud apps that save your time.

We develop and support apps for the Atlassian Jira and Confluence.

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What we do

We are a German company with good experience in delivering robust and future-proof web applications. We like to automate our infrastructure needs and support our code with automated tests. Continuous delivery allows us to release updates very quickly, often multiple times per week. We strive to deliver the best quality possible and are always open to feature suggestions from our customers.

If you have any questions you can contact us via support@codefortynine.com

Atlassian Partner of the Year 2022: ITSM App category

codefortynine has received the Atlassian Partner of the Year 2022 award in the ITSM App category for its outstanding contribution and achievements during the calendar year 2022. This includes exceptional efforts in developing new business, thought leadership, and products and services that complement Atlassian.

codefortynine was one of 26 global partner recipients honored in the annual Atlassian
Partner of the Year program for its continuous efforts and exceptional customer work.


Deep Clone for Jira

Advanced cloning of single issues, a bulk of issues or projects. Clone into other Jira projects, issue types, or instances.

External Data for Jira Fields

Easily synchronize external data into Jira custom fields with multiple data sources and issue-based field configuration.

Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards

New set of dashboard gadgets, allowing you to quickly filter issues across the whole dashboard.

Version Sync for Jira

Synchronize versions across projects and manage name, description and release details across many projects.

Dynamic Fields for Jira

Computed custom fields for Jira, searchable and usable in statistics, reporting and JQL.

Merge Agent for Jira

Merge any issue content like descriptions and comments into other issues. Resolve duplicate issues in the process.

My absolute favorite app for Jira. I have an educational product, and my learning path takes place in Jira with many students completing it; and thanks to Deep Clone, I can clone entire projects, saving me hours every day. […]

Ava Dobreva about Deep Clone for Jira

Highly recommended. Solves a huge amount of problems of having numerous dashboards and them being overcrowded with gadgets, now we have really flexible reporting. I also requested a feature that was picked up and implemented really quickly so excellent support. 

Nick Davies about Quick Filters for Jira

This app is on my Jira Cloud must-have” list and never lets me down. The app allows you to provide a smooth implementation towards your end user while giving you superpowers to integrate with Jira itself or other data sources. The support is also top-notch, they love to think together with you and deliver great additions that allow you to get sh*t done. Keep up the great work!

Tom Moors about External Data for Jira Fields

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