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Deep Clone for Jira

Advanced cloning of single issues, a bulk of issues or projects. Clone into other Jira projects, issue types, or instances.

External Data for Jira Fields

Easily synchronize external data into Jira custom fields with multiple data sources and issue-based field configuration.

Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards

New set of dashboard gadgets, allowing you to quickly filter issues across the whole dashboard.

Version Sync for Jira

Synchronize versions across projects and manage name, description and release details across many projects.

Dynamic Custom Fields for Jira

Computed custom fields for Jira, searchable and usable in statistics, reporting and JQL.

Merge Agent for Jira

Merge any issue content like descriptions and comments into other issues. Resolve duplicate issues in the process.

Snipe-IT for Jira

A Jira integration for the asset management Snipe-IT. Manage Snipe-IT assets directly in Jira. Enhance your ITSM, ITAM and ITIL processes.

Slack for Confluence

Send Slack notifications for Confluence. Notify slack users about created or updated pages, blogposts, and more.

Google Calendar for Confluence

Share private Google Calendars with colleagues. Integrate Google Calendars to your Confluence pages. 

Comment Custom Fields for Jira

Custom fields for lists, reports and JQL queries, like comment-count, first and last comments and commenters. 

Advanced Bulk Edit for Jira

Edit thousands of issues at once. Edit advanced issue content and replace text, add comments or change watchers.

External Data for Confluence

Visualize external data in confluence cloud from any data source.

Easy Confluence Gadget for Jira

Easily show just about any content from Confluence pages in your Jira dashboard.

Prime Custom Fields for Jira

A collection of advanced custom field types – deep cascading, multilevel select lists, to-do lists, validated (Regex) text input.

Comment History Log for Jira

Keep and review the history of your issue comments with delta display.

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