Atlassian team ’24: An unforgettable event of innovation and collaboration

Atlassian team ’24 was an event full of excitement, innovation and great networking opportunities. Our team members, some of whom were attending for the first time, share their experiences and insights that capture the essence of the event. From impressive keynotes and informative sessions to dynamic networking opportunities, our colleagues’ perspectives show the diversity of the event.

The scale and professionalism of this year’s team was impressive and we look forward to share our journey with you. 

We are also excited about the new location for Atlassian team ’25, which will take place in Anaheim, from April 8 to April 10, 2025

But first, let’s dig into the highlights and key learnings from Atlassian team ’24.

First Impressions

Our colleagues were impressed by the event’s significant growth compared to previous years. For our first-time attendees, it was an eye-opening experience.

“It was much bigger than last year. More space, more booths, more people—impressive growth!”

“I was impressed by the size and professional setup of the event. It was my first time attending, and it was truly eye-opening.”

Keynotes and Sessions

The exciting keynotes and informative sessions offered valuable insights into the latest developments and innovations in the Atlassian ecosystem. Our tip: Attending early helps secure a good seat to fully absorb the presentations. Couldn’t make it to the event? Watch the recording of Atlassian team ’24 here.


Team codefortynine at the Seibert Media Info Session.

“The opening keynote was quite interesting. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the AI tools announced at team ’24.”

“The keynote ‘Unleashing the potential of every team with AI’ was inspiring. The insights from the leading AI expert were impressive. I will definitely be trying out the newly announced AI tools.”

Networking and Community

Networking activities allowed us to make valuable connections and engage with other Atlassian enthusiasts. Our tip: Bring (digital) business cards and take notes during conversations to follow up effectively.

“It’s always nice to talk to other Atlassian enthusiasts. It’s great to hear in person how much our apps have helped users.”

“This was my first Atlassian event, and I was blown away by how versatile and curious the community is. I had many great conversations with current customers, and the feedback was very helpful—especially as a developer who doesn’t interact with users daily. It was also enlightening to talk to prospects and partners about the ecosystem and how Jira and other Atlassian products are used.”

“I really enjoyed the conversations with developers from other marketplace partners. I was surprised by how many clients are using data center solutions.”

“Attending team ’24 for the first time as a partner manager was invaluable. Networking with solution partners and other marketplace vendors was incredibly beneficial. The openness and collaborative atmosphere were impressive and facilitated the exchange of ideas and insights.”

Expectations vs. Reality

Our expectations were not only met but exceeded, especially regarding the event’s size and professionalism. Our tip: Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers to adapt to varying indoor temperatures.

“There were no disappointments. I was pleasantly surprised by the spacious venue. The air conditioning was a bit too cold, but my warm and stylish codefortynine hoodie kept me cozy. Additionally, the venue’s sheer size meant I walked miles every day.”

Personal Highlights

The personal highlights of our team members made Atlassian team ’24 an unforgettable experience. Our tip: Attending partner events and after-hours gatherings can lead to memorable moments and deeper connections.

Major Highlights from Atlassian team ’24

  • Atlassian AI Innovation: The spotlight on Atlassian AI, particularly with the launch of Rovo, is set to transform our daily workflows.
  • Jira Evolution: The merging of Jira Software and Jira Work Management into a single product marks a major advancement in project management efficiency.
  • Atlassian University: With free learning resources now available, Atlassian University makes it easier than ever to enhance your Jira and Confluence skills.

Picture 1: Our Atlassian Partner Manager Anousha drawing the winner of our special donation raffle. Picture 2: The winner of our raffle Dennis Gajewski.

One of our standout activities was our special raffle. It enabled the winner to donate 49,000 dollars to an impactful campaign. He chose to donate to UNICEF.

“Drawing the winner of our raffle with our Atlassian Partner Manager, Anousha, was a highlight. Meeting the winner at BASH and seeing him decide on the spot where the $49,000 donation should go was incredible.”

“As a first-time participant in team ’24, the event was full of novel experiences. The standout highlight was the overwhelming team spirit among colleagues. There was always a helping hand at our booth, transforming the event into a special team-building experience.”

“Being part of the Atlassian community as a marketplace partner and being part of a great codefortynine team was my personal highlight.”

Future Impact and Recommendations

The connections made and insights gained at the event will positively impact our future collaborations and growth. Our tip: Planning your schedule in advance and setting clear goals for what you want to achieve can maximize the benefits of attending.

Markus Doll and Dave Wuensch in front of the decadis booth

Another great initiative that we were happy to support came from our friend Dave Wuensch at Decadis. He collected 31,000 Euros in donations for children with cancer with their brilliant charity suit.

“Establishing personal relationships with solution partners is key to a successful partnership. The connections made at the event will positively impact our future collaborations.”

“I definitely recommend attending Atlassian team ’25! Moving the location to Anaheim will be refreshing. Just make sure to bring a sweater if you’re not used to strong air conditioning.”

Our team’s experience at Atlassian team ’24 reflects the vital and dynamic nature of the Atlassian community. We look forward to implementing new insights and technologies at codefortynine and further expanding our connections within the ecosystem.

See you at Atlassian team ’25, in Anaheim, from April 8 to April 10, 2025

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