Comment Custom Fields for Jira

Custom fields for lists, reports and JQL queries, like comment-count, first and last comments and commenters. The perfect toolbox.


This is the documentation for the Atlassian Jira app Comment Custom Fields for Jira.


Head to the settings within Jira. Note that administrator privileges are required to access the settings.

In the menu on the left side, navigate to “Find new apps” under the “Apps” category. Search for “Comment Custom Fields”, wait until the entry “Comment Custom Fields for Jira” is shown and proceed to “Install” the add-on.

Sync Process

After installation we need to sync your current issue comments to capture the initial state. This might take a while depending on how many issue comments there are.
You can always retrigger this process manually, but there is usually no need to.
The progress of a sync process is shown in the configuration page of the addon.

Service Desk Filter

Filter the comments that are used to generate the custom fields with the following options:

  • All comments – use all comments available
  • Public comments only – only use the comments marked as public in Service Desk
  • Exclude public comments – exclude the comments marked as public in Service Desk

Available Custom Fields

After the sync process is finished you can use the following available custom fieldsĀ for example within a issue search as a column or on any screen you see fit.

  • comment count
  • last comment
  • last commenter
  • last comment date – with JQL support
  • last commenter is assignee
  • last commenter is reporter
  • last commenter is creator
  • first comment
  • first commenter
  • first comment date – with JQL support
  • first commenter is assignee
  • first commenter is reporter
  • first commenter is creator

DateTime JQL Support

There are two date fields:

  • last comment date
  • first comment date

The custom fields ending with date are native Jira dates and compareable to other dates and therefor most useful in JQLs. See some examples in the section below.

Example JQL queries

Find top discussed issues of the current week

“Comment Count” > 10 AND “Last Comment Date” > -7d

Find all issues that have not been commented on for the last 3 days and the latest comment is not by the assignee

“Comment Count” > 0 AND “Last Comment Date” < -3d AND “Last Commenter is Assignee”=”false”

Known problems

There are no known problems so far. Please reach out to us if you encounter any issues while using the app!


If you encounter any further problems, feel free to contact our support. We’ll usually reply within one business day.

Thanks for using External Data for Jira Fields!