Corporate Culture: luxury or necessity?

The heart of every company is its culture, much like the heart in a body. It beats and pumps life into the body and keeps everything in motion. If the heart fails, the body fails too. Of course it is important to nourish this heart.

But let’s dive deeper! What exactly makes up this “corporate heart” or culture?

It is the shared values, beliefs, behaviors and rituals of the people in an organization. The way we interact with each other, our expectations and standards, the way we work – all of this forms the essence of our culture. It is alive, evolving and growing.

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Why Corporate Culture Matters

For many, engaging with culture may seem like a luxury, a challenge or not important enough. However, for us at codefortynine, engaging with our culture is crucial and makes perfect sense. We believe that every team member should find their place in it, or at least be comfortable with it. This authenticity not only defines us internally, but also shapes our image externally.

It is the basis for honest communication, orientation, and the realization of individual values in a professional context. This promotes trust and strengthens the cohesion of our team. It is also essential for potential applicants to understand what we stand for at codefortynine. When looking for a job, everyone asks themselves whether a company’s values match their own.

Defining Corporate Culture at codefortynine

In spring 2022, we took a close look at our values and culture for the first time. We took time to reflect, identify and define what sets us apart. By “us”, we mean the entire codefortynine team. After some theoretical basics — what values and culture mean — we split into small groups. Initially in groups of two, later in larger discussions, we formulated and substantiated our thesis with numerous examples. Only thoroughly substantiated theses on the values and culture of codefortynine were accepted as culture points.

Constantly evolving and adapting

This is how we have defined our seven culture points, which we have published on our website. As mentioned at the beginning, culture is dynamic and constantly evolving. Therefore, we held another workshop in 2023, this time with new team members who thoroughly examined our defined culture points. Through discussion and reflection, we found clues that reinforced our culture – a crucial step considering that culture evolves, especially with new team members. The workshop was also important in sharpening our focus and refreshing our memory – after all, it’s easy to become short-sighted in routine operations.

Open Minds – Open Hearts

Each of us is different—and that’s good!
We appreciate the different personalities, and ways of life of each individual and treat one another with respect and understanding.
Social commitment is important to us. That’s why we participate in the Pledge 1% movement and donate 10% of our profits to charitable organizations.


We place great value on meaningful work. Meaningful work is important to us. What we do shall add value. We invest our time efficiently and aim to avoid pointless tasks. This gives us more time to experiment and evolve.


We pursue a common goal and make informed decisions. We communicate openly and honestly with each other and with our customers. In the spirit of corporate transparency, everybody has access to key areas of the company at all times. We deal transparently with decisions and mistakes.

Focus on Quality

High product quality is important to us. We fix errors proactively and ideally before our customers contact us about them.
Our goal is to offer our customers a self-explanatory and error-free product.

Flow over Control

Our aim is that everyone can work as freely, undisturbed and fluently as possible. While regular exchange is crucial, it is equally important to have quiet and focus time.
Our meetings have a clear goal, we avoid unproductive discussions.

In Trust We Trust

Each of us assumes responsibility because independent and autonomous work motivates us. Honesty, fairness, and reliability are our basis for a trusting working relationship. This results in individual freedom and the opportunity to learn from each other.

Inspect and Adapt

We work in an agile manner. We regularly check whether our approach meets our needs and those of our customers. When things are not running smoothly, we optimize. The focus is on keeping our work flow as lean as possible.

Going forward, we want to regularly review our culture, learn from it and act accordingly. Ultimately, an authentic culture has a positive impact on our interactions – within the team and with customers, partners and candidates. It is crucial for well-being and therefore for the success of the company. Engaging with our culture is anything but a luxury, but an absolute necessity. Because only with a healthy “heart” can the company deliver top performance.

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