Custom User Profiles for Confluence

Add custom fields to user profiles and visualize your organization chart


This is the documentation for the Atlassian Confluence Add-on Custom User Profiles for Confluence.


Head to the settings within Confluence. Note that administrator privileges are required to access the settings.
In the menu on the left side, navigate to “Find new add-ons” under the “Atlassian Marketplace” category. Search for “Custom User Profiles”, wait until the entry “Custom User Profiles for Confluence” is shown and proceed to “Install” the add-on.


After having installed the add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace, please navigate to the configuration page. It is located in the Confluence settings in the menu bar under the “Atlassian Marketplace” category. Alternatively, you can also click the “Configure” button when managing the add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace.
You can now configure which additional custom fields users are shown when editing their own or viewing another profile. Creating, editing, deleting fields and reordering them should be self-explanatory. You can choose between 6 different data types for a field:

  • Single-line text: Short free text field, e.g. “Nationality”
  • Multi-line text: Multi-line free text field, e.g. “About me”
  • Dropdown: Choose one from several pre-defined options, e.g. “T-Shirt size”
  • Multi-select: Choose any of several pre-defined options, e.g. “Languages”
  • Date picker: Select a date, e.g. “Birthday”
  • User auto-complete: Select a user, e.g. “Manager”

A “User auto-complete” field can also be used to show an organization chart relative to the currently shown user. Choose an existing field where users will enter their superior, and an organization chart with the user’s superior, staff and colleagues will be shown on the profile.
All fields are stored as text values, with the following special cases:

  • For “Dropdown” and “Multi-select”, the text of the options is stored. If options are removed, the currently existing values of users won’t change accordingly and will only be removed the next time a user edits their profile.
  • For “Multi-select”, multiple text values are stored. If a “Multi-select” field is converted to another data type, only the first value will be kept.
  • For “Date picker”, the date is stored in a “yyyy-mm-dd” format and automatically converted to the user’s locale when being shown (e.g. mm/dd/yyyy in the US).
  • For “User auto-complete”, the username of the chosen user is stored. If the username is found, their profile picture and full name can be shown. If not (e.g. if a username has been changed in the meantime), only the username is shown.

User Profiles

Every user can edit their own profile. If you configure the “Group with global edit permissions”, this group will also be able to edit any other user’s profile. The custom fields can be edited in place – there is no need to navigate to another page.
In order to edit the organizational chart (if enabled), the corresponding “User auto-complete” field needs to be edited. A short note is displayed guiding the users when editing their own profile.


If you encounter any issues, feel free to send us an email at We’ll usually reply within one business day.


Thanks for using Custom User Profiles for Confluence!