Deep Clone for Jira

Streamline Repetitive Workflows and Projects, Boost Collaboration, and Save Time!

✔️ Save time for teams with repetitive tasks and workflows.

✔️ Avoid data loss during issue and project migration.

✔️ Enable cross-project and cross-instance workflows.

✔️ No admin skills required.

✔️ SOC 2 certified

✔️ 11k+ installs

✔️ User Friendly

✔️ Cloud Fortified

Optimize Productivity of All Teams with Deep Clone

  • For project managers, HR teams, agencies and teams managing recurring tasks.
  • For Dev teams, QA and those tracking requirements.
  • For support agents and teams handling tickets across projects.
  • For Jira admins and Atlassian Consultants managing large-scale migrations across projects and cloud instances.

 Speed up work with template issues and projects

  • Clone entire Jira projects.
  • Clone recurring epics and larger issue hierarchies.
  • Bulk Clone issues

Ideal for: Operations Teams, Project Managers, Product Managers

 Migrate issues and projects without data loss

  • Bulk Clone up to 100k issues.
  • Migrate issues and projects between Jira cloud instances.
  • Clone and move between issue and project types.

Ideal for: Admins, Atlassian Consultants

 Enhance collaboration between teams

  • Clone and move tickets to other projects.
  • Clone advanced issue content, like comments.
  • Trigger a clone automatically on a workflow transtition.

Ideal for: JSM Agents, ITSM Teams, Team Leads

Top Use Cases of our Customers

ITSM, Support Teams and Agencies

Escalate Support Tickets

Escalate support tickets from Jira Service Management (JSM) to Software projects. Clone crucial information, including comments, and effortlessly edit or update relevant fields automatically. Avoid errors by utilizing Presets, which offer predefined cloning settings for consistent results. Safe time by automating clone creation with workflow post-functions. 

HR, Agencies, Growing Teams

People Onboarding

Clone template issues or projects to ensure seamless and efficient onboarding for new employees or customers, including tasks such as setting up accounts, assigning equipment, and scheduling training sessions. This ensures consistency in the onboarding process and minimizes manual effort for teams.

Jira Admins, Atlassian Consultants

Issue and Project Migration

Effortlessly migrate Jira issues and projects within and between Cloud instances using Deep Clone for Jira. Ensure a smooth transition by cloning issues with all relevant data intact, maintaining consistency in projects and minimizing manual efforts for your migration teams.

My absolute favorite app for Jira […]. I can clone entire projects, saving me hours every day.

Ava Dobreva

Deep Clone helped with the task automation and now we spend minutes on the new project set up, not hours.

Irina Korik

We had over 40,000 bugs we needed to clone and move to a new project […]! After a couple of tests, I was able to have the cloning go off without a hitch.

Tyler Haddad

Our apps are valued by 20,000+ customers worldwide

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