Deep Clone for Jira

Advanced cloning of a single issue, a bulk of issues or epics in Jira. Clone comments, subtasks and other content

Highlight 1 DeepClone for Jira

Deep Clone and Move to other Jira projects

Clone issues and move them to other Jira projects or issue types. Deep clone comments, work logs, issue links, issue status, votes or watchers. Use Deep Clone to escalate tickets from Service Desk to software projects.

Highlight 2 DeepClone for Jira

Bulk Clone up to 5000 issues

Do you want to clone several issues at once in Jira cloud? Bulk Clone enables you to clone and move thousands of issues in one action. This helps you to copy your template projects smooth and quick.

Highlight 3 DeepClone for Jira

Clone Epics and their issues in one go

Want to copy epics plus all of their tasks and subtasks? Epic Clone lets you bulk clone and move the entire epic in Jira. With that feature you can reuse recurring epics for other projects, sprints, etc.

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