Dynamic Fields for Jira

Computed custom fields for Jira, searchable and usable in statistics, reporting and JQL


This is the documentation for theĀ Atlassian Jira app Dynamic Fields for Jira.


Head to the settings within Jira. Note that administrator privileges are required to access the settings.

In the menu on the left side, navigate to “Find new apps” under the “apps” category. Search for “Dynamic Fields”, wait until the entry “Dynamic Fields for Jira” is shown and proceed to “Install” the app.

Creating dynamic fields

To manage your dynamic fields, navigate to the “Manage apps” section of Jira and to the Dynamic Fields configuration:

Create a new field by selecting a template or entering a valid expression and field type. You can preview the field values for up to 10 issues on the right-hand side for the given JQL query. Recommended further documentation is available here:

Once a field is created, all issues need to be initialized with the respective field value. This may take some time, especially if you have many issues in your Jira instance. You can see the current progress of the synchronization in the “status” column:

Once the initial synchronization is done, all issues will be updated automatically with the dynamic field values for the following events:

  • The issue itself is updated (including issue links, comments, etc.).
  • The issue’s parent is updated.
  • A subtask of the issue is updated.

You can also edit or delete existing fields by clicking on the action buttons in the respective field’s row.

Using dynamic fields for columns in filters, issue search and gadgets

You may show the dynamic fields added above in columns within filters, issue search and dashboard gadgets. To add a column to filters or the issue search, simply expand the “Columns” dropdown in the upper right-hand corner, search for the name of the dynamic field and add it to your view:

You can also add dynamic fields as a column to a dashboard gadgets, e.g. the “Filter Results” or the “Assigned to me” gadget:

Using dynamic fields on the issue view

In classic projects

To show dynamic fields on the issue view in classic Jira projects, simply add them to the respective screen of your project and issue-type:

In next-gen projects

For next-gen Jira projects, you first need to enable Dynamic Field for Jira for each project where you’d like to use dynamic fields on the issue view. Navigate to Project Settings -> Apps -> App fields and enable “Dynamic Fields for Jira”:

Once you’ve enabled the app for your next-gen project, you can simply add dynamic fields by adding them to your issue types:

Known problems

We try our best to update dynamic fields as soon as we detect changed data within Jira. Unfortunately, due to some limitations of Jira, a few events might not update dynamic fields immediately:

  • User changes, e.g. display name or group membership.
  • Any changes to Jira entities like project names, issue-type names, etc.


If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact our support team. We usually reply within one business day.

Thanks for using Dynamic Fields for Jira!