Jamf for Jira

Apple device management in Jira – a Jamf Pro integration for Jira

Highlight 1 Jamf for Jira

Integrate your Apple EMM tool to Jira

Work with your Jamf assets directly in your Jira projects. Let your JSD users select their Jamf assets when opening a request.

Highlight 2 Jamf for Jira

View asset details within the Jira ticket

Know which assets are assigned to whom without leaving Jira. Click through to view the asset’s complete history. Get to the asset view in your Jamf installation with one click.

Highlight 3 Jamf for Jira

Search for Jamf assets in Jira

Get a list of all issues that are linked to a Jamf asset. Have an overview of all requests that have been created about a specific device.

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