Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards

New set of dashboard gadgets, allowing you to quickly filter issues across the whole dashboard


This is the documentation for the Atlassian Jira app Quick Filters for Jira.


Head to the settings within Jira. Note that administrator privileges are required to access the settings.

In the menu on the left side, navigate to “Find new apps” under the “apps” category. Search for “Quick Filters”, wait until the entry “Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards” is shown and proceed to “Install” the app.

Setting up your Dashboard

To start using Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards, navigate to a Jira Dashboard that you can modify. Then, use the “Add Gadget” button to add your first Quick Filter:

Make sure to “Load all gadgets” to make sure the Quick Filters are visible:

Now, get started by adding the “Quick Filter results” gadget:

This gadget works similar to Jira’s “Filter results” gadget, but allows more fine-grained configuration. You can show issues by selecting a Filter, a Project or just type in your Advanced JQL query:

After saving the configuration of the “Quick Filter Results” gadget, go ahead and add the “Quick Controller” gadget, repeating the steps above. You can now add filters that allow you to dynamically adjust the “Quick Filter Results” gadgets on the same dashboard by adding toggle buttons or dropdowns:

After saving the “Quick Controller” gadget, you can try out how the two gadgets work together:

Remember that a “Quick Controller” can dynamically filter many other “Quick Filter Results” gadgets at once, so try adding more of those! Also, you can define different “Groups” to even combine multiple “Quick Controller” gadgets and dynamically filter only one group of other Quick gadgets on the same dashboard.

Other gadgets

We’re planning to support many more gadgets in the future and make them compatible with the “Quick Controller” gadget. Since we’re not sure which gadgets would be most useful for our customers, we’ve added a “Quick Other gadgets” gadget, where you can vote which other gadgets you’d most likely combine with the “Quick Controller”. Thanks for your feedback!


If you encounter any issues, feel free to send us an email at support@codefortynine.com. We usually reply within one business day.


Thanks for using Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards!