Service Level Agreement

Support hours of operation

Mon – Fri 9:00AM – 17:00PM CET (Berlin time), except on national holidays in Germany.

Support response times

We strive to initially respond to all customer requests within 1 business day. However, since we’re a small team it may take us up to 3 business days in exceptional cases.

Support contact

You may contact us for support through the following channels:

In order for us to be able to help you quickly, please provide the following details in your support request:

  • The app name and version (cloud or server).
  • For cloud addons, your Atlassian instance host (e.g.
  • For server addons, the version of the app you’re using (e.g. 5.9_2).
  • For bugs, please include in which cases the bug appears (e.g. only using a specific browser or when using a specific feature).
  • For other feature requests, please state the issue you’re trying to solve and if you already have solutions in mind.

Feature requests

If you’ve identified a bug, and we agree that it’s a bug that we can fix (and not e.g. within the host product), we usually fix it within one week. It may take longer if it’s difficult to reproduce or to fix, or if the severity is low and we’re kept busy otherwise.

For other enhancements, we typically evaluate if it makes sense to support the use case and if a major part of our customers would benefit from it. We cannot guarantee to honor every feature request and may decline to support your feature request at our own discretion, although we usually end up implementing most of the feature requests that customers send us.


For any other information or comments, please contact us at

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