Version Sync for Jira

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Synchronize Jira versions across multiple projects, including name, description, and release details.

Benefits of working with Version Sync for Jira:

  • Security and stability is a top priority at codefortynine. Version Sync is cloud security participant, SOC2 Type II compliant and available in multiple geographical locations. We provide details and post-mortems on incidents on our status page. Read more about our Trust Report.
  • Our commitment to customer support is unwavering. We strive to respond to every support ticket within on business day, and we have dedicated team members who focus on providing our customers with the help they need. The feedback we receive from our customers confirms that we are doing a good job here.
  • We want to prevent customers from accidentally renaming or deleting versions. To ensure this, we have implemented a decentralized approach to version management, instead of a master project. This provides greater robustness and safety for our customers.

How our customers work with Version Sync for Jira:

  • Minimize manual effort and potential errors, by syncing versions between projects.
  • Manage releases that have issues in multiple projects.
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of delivery timelines and progress across all projects.

„This is a brilliant app. The team now have a complete view of delivery timelines and progress across ALL projects which is just what was needed.“

Anna Anderson about Version Sync

„We wanted a way to allow a team to manage versions across several projects but without making them jira-wide admins, or even project admins in all of those projects. This tool allowed us to setup a process to achieve that goal. […].“

Russell Stadler about Version Sync

„A very useful addon. We have many projects with common code base and the releases usually touch many of the projects. Standard Jira doesn‘t support such a setup. […].“

 Lukasz Wojcik about Version Sync

Sync versions across multiple projects in a flexible way.

  • Sync versions across a group of projects within Jira.

  • Sync versions from a source/
    master project to one or more
    target projects.

  • View sync activities per project in the Version Sync activity log.

View cross-project versions and their issues in the Version Sync Release Overview.

  • Rename synced versions and their descriptions.

  • Change the status, start date
    and release date of the synced

  • Obtain a comprehensive list of all issues in a synchronized version across multiple projects.

Manage and view all synced projects in the Version Sync Groups Overview.

  • Access a summary of all groups and projects configured with
    Version Sync.

  • Quickly navigate between
    Version Sync project settings
    via the Groups Overview.

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